Updated Articles

  1. Magnum Opus

    Inspired by the works of the Bible, Modernist literature, and Hayao Mayazaki.
  2. The Boy Next Door - May 2020

    Catherine Heath May 2020 Furious, Intense, Awakening-- Burning like a flame, Smouldering, Never going out. Stalking your prey, Carefully, Through the grass (Afraid of frightening The deer) Or that’s what they would say. ...
  3. The Garden - May 2020

    This poem was written for my wonderful neighbours, but, especially Mark.
  4. Posh Boy - May

    This is a poem I wrote about a brief romance I had in university.
  5. Soldier - May 2020

    This poem is for my neighbour and good friend, Paul.
  6. Banshee - August 2020

    This poem is about the modern woman, and the battles we face every day.
  7. Sensei - June 2020

    This is a poem about my best friend and boyfriend at uni, Alex Mann.
  8. Party Girl - May 2020

    Catherine Heath May 2020 A frightening intensity  Is just how we like it–– She might be a banshee, Screaming, And everyone is running away (Afraid to have fun, Today). Blazing through the par...
  9. Cigarettes on Balconies - July 2020

    This poem is about not being able to see the person who you love the most in the world.
  10. Multiple Personality Disorder - July 2020

    This is a poem for my friend, James. It's about finding love in the strangest places.