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The Technology Ecosystem: United by Knowledge|Owl

June 28 2024

By Catherine Julianne Heath

KnowledgeOwl alum

The knowledge base ecosystem is a complex beast. It can be hard to navigate as a freelancer with a nifty box of tools, and I've made many mistakes. 

But take hear. 

There are many tools and tricks!

For example, take Acquire. They have produced a handy knowledge base template for any folks tasked with technical writing. 


Find out more: [It's free to download!]

Acquire is just one of many fantastic solutions in this sector of SaaS (Software as a Service). 

If you don't know what SaaS is, just think of Facebook or X. That's SaaS!

It really is that simple. Unfortunately, all software requires documentation. That's where I come in. I love my job.

I'm a professional contractor producing technical content for creative and ethical companies. 

Visit my business website,, to learn more. 

If you would like to work with me or one of my partners, we can talk. Just email

Working with Catherine

Let me tell you, any one can be a technical writer! 

I should know. 

Take another company, Freshworks. They sell a suite of software, including knowledge base capabilities and help center. 

But back to KnowledgeOwl -- so close to my heart!

To me, they will always be the original knowledge base. They gave me my first real break. I was allowed to build their blog using the tools I had learned from... Guess where?

The trail of documentation left behind by others. 

I was honoured to work with KnowledgeOwl in so many ways. I worked in the field of technical writing, producing various types of documentation. 

That means writing or producing: 

  • Newsletters
  • Online content (videos, listicles, podcasts, anything!)
  • E-books
  • Guides
  • Online courses
  • Community groups
  • Presentations
  • Hackathons

Literally anything can be documentation if it is recorded and informative. That's why I believe documentation should never be proprietary. #OpenSource

Unfortunately, sometimes people try to be gatekeepers of knowledge. My aim is the opposite. 

We need to liberate documentation from it's chains! We are all #opensource.

And if I learned anything from my time working closely with KnowledgeOwl, it's that we are all connected. 

We help each other. 

If we work in business, we pour our hearts and souls into customer service. 

Long live #WriteTheDocs!


This post was written by: Catherine Heath

Freelance technical content writer