Irresistible Poison – 2014

Catherine Heath


The beauty and the squalor;

Valor of men

And beasts. 

How else do you describe

That emptiness inside?

The vindictive spinning

And energetic curses

Of unknown quantities. 

Desperately seeking,

Never really knowing,

Only slowing to sleep.

Afraid to stop, to breathe.

The seething crowds 

Of people, heaping 

Past projections

On naked raw experience--

Delirious, and sad.

Drunken yells, 

The spell of youth 

Not broken yet--

Perhaps I'm jaded;

A faded old hag,

But I'm still inclined to take

A sympathetic view--

Wrap my arms around you,

And hope there's more

That we could do. 

Credit: Photo by Aldebaran S on Unsplash