Does technology control you, or do you control technology? Technology is an extension of the mind. Circuit boards intertwined with neurons. We are the hive mind. Like the flap of a butterfly's wings. Algorithms are mating with synapses, the infinite scroll merging with the present moment, as engineers react to data and build systems born of the endless feedback loop. We are the technology, and the technology is us. Technology is the endless mirror, reflecting ourselves back at us, an evergreen snapshot of the past crystallised in comments and likes. Megabytes never gather dust but are stored virtually on machines, on ships bobbing gently on the ocean. God is in the machine, the component parts that weave and dodge and misbehave and seem to possess that spark of sentient life. Viruses are ghosts in the machine, haunting us until we pay attention to the error of our ways. We create the technology, and the technology creates us. We can't avoid being influenced by the technology because we are influenced by everything. We must get to know our own minds and harness the technology for our own ends; if we fall in love with circuit boards and LEDs and noughts and ones then the technology controls us. Technology exists to further the human goals of life, laughter, love, and art. The engineers are angels spinning life out of electricity, out of dead hardware. Software engineering is magic; no one understands it and that's the way we like it.