He is Ezra Pound

He is Ezra Pound

By Simon Morton and Catherine Heath

July 2024

He is 

My muse

My life my light 

We are the graveyard of souls 

Called Jeff

Who broke 

When hanging 

Over a bed. 

Uni in a nightmare 

Poetry unites us

I'm a bee 

A bee hunter 


It's loving life 

On a knifes edge

Flap of the butterflies wings

Document Withy

As a bum 

An alcoholic 

People don't mean no harm 

Until they do

Trees in a yellow wood

Frosted glass like 

Birch paper 

Leaves of grass. 

Weddings always

Start with a funeral

Hugh Grant

And caught with a prostitute

Unlike that rapscallion


Movies are life

Life is art

We are all caught in a circus wheel

Of fun and laughter and light

The Stradivarius

Or what?

Infinity is being trapped in

Your own madness

Dooped to repeat the loop

The road to hell. 

Everything has a cost

Like the Ouruboros,

Endlessly circling

Like vultures over carrion

Balsam Bashing

Our way

To Hell. 


Made with Love by KnowledgeOwl