Virginia and Leonard Woolf – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Partners in crime;

In madness.

Virginia and Leonard Woolf;

Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes––

These are the famous couples,

Waging war, through art

And books.

He, the most hated man,

She, the most loved. 

Vacuous tourists

Smearing hate on her gravestone,

Because they don’t understand passion––

Or art,

Or love. 

One day I hope 

We can be together again;

Souls locked,

Entwined forever––

Just like we were meant to be.


Feels like a punishment,

Or you’re not doing it right.

Love is pain,

And anguish;


And love. 

She looks mad––

It’s just intensity,

Burning with a smouldering passion.

You want to lock her up,

But he has the key


And sad.)

I’m doing it to prove a point;

Can’t you see?

I love you both;

Torn between two worlds,

So everyone can be happy.

We’ll all be happy in the end;

Because I’m an evil genius

(She made me strong

And fierce)––

Don’t fuck with me. 

Calling me back

With the softest touch;

Violently heterosexual 

(It looks somehow insane).

There’s something crazy about him;

The crazy haze of molten eyes

Surprise and delight;

You are mine,

Or nothing at all. 

I don’t want to be your friend,

Or your girlfriend––

I am furious,

Because you are mine. 

Born with a terrible burden;

You are magnificent,

And sad,

But I am glad

You are with me,

Because I will never judge you.

You made me conscious;

That’s no mean feat. 

You are my sensei;

My superman;

My knight in shining armour.

You know what I want,

And what I need––

And that 

Is a feat,


I see you all in him,


The patchwork mess of a man,

More perfect than could be imagined.

That’s why being in true love looks mad––

Because you are violently more

Than you could ever be


You gave birth to a genius,

And you never even knew it.

(Everyone hates her,

And that’s just how she likes it)––

That means we’re finally

Doing something right.

It’s the most romantic thing

I’ve ever heard of,

And I’m happy with that.

Credit: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash