Banshee - August 2020

Catherine Heath

June 2020

We are strong,


And fierce


Capable of foul looks 

That make men hate us. 

We don't care about being liked. 

We are lawyers,


And mothers--

Demanding that our voices be heard. 

We don't care about this herd

Of lunatics

On social media-- 

Bleating about injustice. 

We use the law 

To break those who would hurt us,

And protect our own 

(Like we always knew we would). 

Modern women

Are proud

And laugh out loud,

And she rules her husband 

(Though he shouts at her behind the scenes) 

We still know what she means 

When she says 


We always protect our friends,

Even when they hate us, 

And think us cruel, 

But we are no fools--

We went to university, 

And we know what people are like.

So we’ll hike our skirts up high, 

And tarry through the mud-- 

Waiting for the flood

Of madness to be over,

Calmly ignoring 

Those who are weaker 

(And in a frenzy).

You and me

Have always been friends; 

You seem


And kind--

Linked for all time, 

By loyalty,


And love. 

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash