The Man Who Was Cursed – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

You could be the most loving person,

Or the smartest person.

The wisest person,

Or the one who suffers most.

There are worse things

Than being she who sticks to her guns

(You make heroes that way).

I would die for my art,

And you would die for me––

That’s the way it should be,

With you and me.

Entranced by history;

Tragic couples 

Who were together in death––

I get it now,

And I am grateful,

And also, I’m free.

You belong to me,

And I didn’t waste my life. 

Slowly, slowly,

As the saying goes,

We inch towards the truth––

And life. 

Then we find

That we had life all along

(Society crushed it out of us,

And we are the better for it––

Because we will learn to fight).

Men will die for a goddess––

And god tells them to do it––

Because they know she is their saviour.

I learned to handle my genius,

While every enemy was a teacher

(The devil was the best one),

But I always knew that.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I didn’t need life to tell me––

But I got to go out,

And I got to be free,

And that will always be 

Enough for me.

Life is a tragedy,

And we would not have it any other way––

Because tragedies are beautiful,

And they bring you

To me.

I don’t have a death wish––

I want life,

And truth,

And love,

And art––

And that’s why I would die for you,

Because I read it in a book.

(Virginia Woolf,

And Sylvia Plath

Both gave up on life)

So I would never do that;

I love them too much.

They inspired me to greatness,

Because everyone said they couldn’t do it––

So I knew exactly what to do:

Ignore absolutely everyone.

Why would anything ever change?

I know just what I want;

So I practice and practice,

Until I get it right.

I met him at a party;

I knew he was the one.

He was smouldering furiously

While everyone was laughing––


I was in love. 

Men are born to greatness,

But women inspire them,

With their love,

And adoration;

There are worse things

You could spend your life doing.

I know genius when I see it,

Because you look like a monster––

And I only have eyes for you.

I know that much is true.

We crush men’s souls

Because we want to live forever––

But didn’t you ever read the one

About Will and Lyra?

I know I did;

And that’s how I know

I was born

Already in love. 

Your parents are cursed;

She was born a writer––

And she also has a twin.

Don’t try to understand life;

You only understand when you look back––

And then it all makes sense,

So make sure you won’t have

Any regrets.

They were shouting

With a passionate fire––

It sounded terrifying,

Because that’s the sound

Of God himself.

Poor Ted Hughes;

Everyone hates him,

Because he nurtured a genius––

He only made the mistake

Of being madly in love;

And we’ll always 

Remember him for that.

It’s lightning from heaven;

It’s your one moment

To change history,



Is everything.

Credit: Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash