Young Love – January 2016

Catherine Heath

January 2016

And if we were 26 

In a crop top and Converse, 

And we had the chance 

To choose a path,

What would you say? 

Can we really wipe the tears away? 

Sitting in the midday sun, 

In a country far from home

(A delicate blend of caffeine and kisses--

What have we got to show 

For all we’ve done?). 

I want to be abroad with you,

Lie between the sheets with you

As sunlight brushes tiled floors

(I do adore you). 

You, as someone new

Never thought that we could do this--

The same as all the rest, perhaps. 

Trapped in restless memories, 

Jealousy of moments past

(A fanciful dream or two?). 

Someday I’ll live with you,

Coffee in the morning, 

Blinking away the dust of sleep:

Trusting you to keep me close, 

I’ll always stick with what I chose. 

Credit: Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash