God is Dead – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Why has God forsaken us?

They said.

God is dead,

And our heads are bleeding

From lack of faith.

God hides in the strangest places––

On the battlefields;

In the prisons;

In the hospitals.

All you have to do is look.

God is an open book,

The hand in the crook of your arm;

The look

Your lover gives you

At the end of the night.

And God frightens us:

God is love,

And total fear. 

And we hold each other near,

The bold stance of one

Alight with righteous fury.

God is in the stars––

The moon,

The planets.

We won’t be with Him soon,

As God is here,

In the earth,

The soil that runs through our fingers;

The grass,

Soft beneath our feet.

And the feet of soldiers marching,

The neat rows of bodies dying,

Are proof that God exists.

Why else would we fight?

Why slay the demons of the night?

If we were all alone?

When the phone rings,

I know it’s you.

We’re lovers, through and through––

God moves in me

And you.


Is a dish best served cold.

Just let time take its toll,

And the lines mark your face––

Your race to win

A pointless one.

I’d rather lie here in the sun,

Planning a party.

I’ve always been planning a party.

What else would you do

With your time on God’s green earth?

Intelligence is ferocious;

It’s a gift from God,

So don’t waste it.

Credit: Photo by Clyde RS on Unsplash