I am a Community Builder and freelance writer based in Manchester, England. I work for software companies helping them to create compelling content that builds their communities. 

I believe in: 

  • Helping people
  • Creative and ethical companies
  • Collaborative creativity
  • Creative connection
  • We create each other
  • Community artists
  • Local and sustainable
  • Global and visionary
  • Bringing your best self to work
  • Business as a force for good
  • The future is remote work
  • Flexible work-life balance
  • Empowering yourself through freelancing
  • Technologists as creatives
  • Software can change the world
  • Your colleagues are your family
  • Your clients are your best friends

Here's my freelance website: awaywithwords.co

Here's my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teaandmadness/