Multiple Personality Disorder - July 2020
This is a poem for my friend, James. It's about finding love in the strangest places.
Cigarettes on Balconies - July 2020
This poem is about not being able to see the person who you love the most in the world.
Sensei - June 2020
This is a poem about my best friend and boyfriend at uni, Alex Mann.
Afternoon Tea – June 2020
This is a poem I wrote for one of my best friends. We've been together since sixth form, going on fun adventures in London, and even squatting in some student halls together! She's pretty fun.
Party Girl - May 2020
Catherine Heath May 2020 A frightening intensity  Is just how we like it–– She might be a banshee, Screaming, And everyone is running away (Afraid to have fun, Today). Blazing through the par...
Alpha Male – May 2020
This is a poem about the elusive alpha male, the winner of hearts and minds. He is adored by men and women alike.
Northern Lights – May 2020
This is a poem about finding your soulmate, romance, true love, and everything in between.
Alpha Female – May 2020
In the same way that men have hierarchies in their groups, with the alpha male being at the top, women also have hierarchies that include the alpha female.
Tea and Cake – May 2020
This is a poem about how you can either drink tea alone with your books and cats, or instead you can have tea and cake with your friends.
In My Day – May 2020
This is a poem about the trends I see characterising people today, from my perspective as someone who came of age in the era of Pokemon and Harry Potter.
Goddess – May 2020
This is a poem about finding your inner goddess. You are a goddess! Don't forget.
Southampton University – May 2020
This one's for all my brothers at Southampton University, especially those living in Westwood (or honourary Westwoodians), where we had the time of our lives!
Rebel Girls – May 2020
This is a poem for one of my best friends in school, Kirstie Rogers, who was the original and most inspiring rebel girl.
Like Teen Spirit – May 2020
This is a poem about that first love you have which is so perfect, you're really actually best friends.
Emo Boy – May 2020
This is a poem about those wonderful emo boys we used to have in our school.
Modern Society – May 2020
A poem about the current conditions of modern society, including my response.
Modern Woman – May 2020
This is a poem about how to be a woman in modern society without hating men, or being a doormat.
The Bloomsbury Group – May 2020
This is a poem about my dream of being a member of the Bloomsbury Group, which included my favourite writer Virginia Woolf. Other members were her siblings, artists, economists, and more.
The Man Who Was Cursed – May 2020
This is a poem about how hard it is to be successful in life, but we can be inspired by others.
Will and Lyra – May 2020
This is a poem about being born knowing that you are missing one half of your soul.
Virginia and Leonard Woolf – May 2020
This is a poem about what it's like to be in love with an artist (everybody ends up hating you).
Cain and Abel – May 2020
This is a poem about rivalry between brothers, or even friends, that can tear down everything we have built.
God is Dead – May 2020
This is a poem about faith, and my unshakeable conviction that we are not alone.
Marriage Bells – May 2020
This is a poem about marriage, I suppose.
Twin Soul – May 2020
This is a poem for my twin sister Jess, my best friend through all time.
The Mafia – May 2020
This is a poem for my mother.
First Love – May 2020
This poem is for my very best friend.
Hellraiser – May 2020
This is a poem written for the love of my life, Simon Morton. He's the best!
Remorse – May 2020
This is a poem for all my friends, they are all my best friends – the family you choose. And especially for my first best friend, Shipa Khatun-Newman.
Tiresius – May 2020
This is a poem about the struggle that we all have to choose the right path in life. Do we choose our destiny, or is it fate?
Devils and Dreamers – May 2020
This is about being aware that people have ulterior motives. Be vigilant! Seek enlightenment.
Memory of You – May 2020
This is a poem about loving someone so much, it hurts.
I Will Follow You into the Dark – May 2020
This is a poem about revenge, bitterness, and loss.
Time – April 2020
This is a poem about, well, time. It's a funny thing, isn't it?
All That is Solid – March 2020
A poem about dealing with uncertainty and the approach we should take when trying to understand the meaning of life.
Marbled – July 2019
This poem is about my recent experiences with the mental health services, and the search we all have for meaning and beauty.
The Man Who Would Be King – July 2019
This is a poem about a man who lost his family.
Demon Haunters – July 2019
A poem about redemption, and the demon inside us all. I chose this image of Venom because it represents the demon we battle with inside us, but that also feels foreign to us.
Ghosts – July 2018
This is about that time we did the Ouija board!
Puppets – July 2018
A poem about betrayal, and the hurt that can fester inside of us until it feels truly evil. There is hope, however.
Crows – July 2017
This is a poem about the folly of aspiration, and how you should always follow your heart. Don't care what anyone else thinks.
Trivialities – October 2016
This poem is about true love. Naturally.
Narcissus – October 2016
A poem about heartbreak, and how love can make you do things that you later look back on in astonishment and bitterness.
Young Love – January 2016
Finding true love. Embarrassing, isn't it?
Delirium – November 2015
This poem is about disappointment in love! And the pain, and confusion you feel, when things didn't work out.
Redemption – September 2015
Not sure what this poem was about! Probably disappointment in love.
Memories of Youth – September 2015
A poem about love and fear.
Creation – May 2015
This is about feeling betrayed by someone you love.
Mad Dogs – May 2015
This is about the courage it takes to start a new relationship, after having your heart broken.
Paperwork – May 2015
About relationships that we get into just to pass the time, just to say to our families that we're "successful".
Blue – May 2015
This poem is about being true to yourself and not selling out.
Love Story – May 2015
I'm not too sure what this poem was about! Clearly delirious.
Cigarette Smoke – February 2015
This is about the things we do to fill the time.
Towers and Tunnels – February 2015
It's about thinking that someone is trying to trick you, when actually they are tricking themselves.
You Know This Isn't It – December 2014
A poem about hope.
Memories – November 2014
About the bitterness of loss, but there are always good things from the past.
Bluebells – July 2014
This is about losing faith in what you're doing and wondering whether you're on the right path.
Irresistible Poison – 2014
I'm not really sure what this poem is about. Disillusionment. Drawn to that which drains us.
High Living – April 2011
This poem is about first love. Naturally.
Where are the Tea Rooms? – February 2011
This poem is about romance! And also unrequited love.
Convention and Morality – 2009
This is about going out into the world for the first time and discovering everything was not quite as you thought.
Genesis – 2008
This is my interpretation of John Milton's Paradise Lost poem that I wrote for GSCE English Literature & Language.
Banshee - August 2020
This poem is about the modern woman, and the battles we face every day.