Making articles

Recording the journey of my creative practice in my quest to develop myself as an artist and designer.

Keeping an illustrated journal on my trip to Toronto, Canada

07/19/2019Catherine Heath
An illustrated journal and photography of my trip to Canada in February 2019 with my boyfriend Simon.

Keeping an illustrated journal on my trip to Kraków, Poland

03/07/2019Catherine Heath
A holiday is an opportunity to get away from it all, get rid of stress, and tap into your creative side.

Learning knitting as a creative practice

11/19/2018Catherine Heath
I particularly like creative activities that are accessible. That means they don't require a lot of money or space to get going. Knitting is one of those activities – and it's not just for old ladies.

Learning watercolour painting from YouTube

11/12/2018Catherine Heath
Learn how simple it is to get started learning to paint in watercolour with handy YouTube tutorials. This week I painted some fluffy clouds.

Learning acrylic painting with YouTube tutorials

11/06/2018Catherine Heath
The beginning of my journey learning to paint with acrylics as part of my ongoing artistic self-training.

New mental health comic

11/06/2018Catherine Heath
I've being going through a rough time recently and I wanted to find some way of resolving the many negative thoughts that flit through my mind every day.