The Gates of Hell | Catherine Julianne Heath | Tea and Madness

The Gates of Hell

27 June 2024

By Catherine Heath

We've been to Hell and Back

Not Valhallah,

Land of the Gods. 

Simply Satan's lair,




The only lifeline the medical teams,

Knocking at our door. 

Oh, rage against the light!

Don't give up,

Without a fight.

Let your knowledge shine,

The hard-won insight

Into machines, 

made from blood,

And guts. 

We are Frankenstein!

Mary Shelley penning her novel

Against the yoke

Of patriarchy. 

Soldiers marching,

Against the Jews,

Creating the Holocaust. 

Captain America,

Cyborg Frankenstein,

Cape rustling, 

In the wind 

America has taken over

McDonalds on every corner

Sign of freedom,

Survival of the fattest. 

Thump, thump, 

Go the wheels, 

Of the electric cars,

As potholes

Break our gears. 

Zoom like a race-car driver

First to the cemetary,

Before it closes.