Alice in Wonderland | Catherine Heath Studios | Dedicated to Johnny Depp

Alice in Wonderland

By Catherine Julianne Heath

Dedicated to Jessica Marie Heath

25 June 2024

Remembering, forgetting, remembering

A garden of flowers

Down the rabbit hole

Of psychedelic dreams. 

A talking cat?

A smile like Cheshire cheese.

You have to leave clues for yourself

Like a trail of breadcrumbs

That riding hood 


On the damp, forest flaw

Bathing in her own teas. 

It’s not really about the daemons: 

It’s the evil in your own heart. 

Trapped in the wheel of life

Pain and sorrow–

Then joy.

We are the danger zone

We are the dancers

Pirhouetting through time

Photographic memories

For painful poses

Rain like tear drops on our cheeks–


Take me to church.

For Johnny Depp

We will rise!

We will fight,

For you.

Edward Scissorhands

The Mad Barber of Fleet Street

The demon barter.

Captain Jack Sparrow!

Gilbert Grape,

Chained to his mother

(Who is he?)

Johnny Depp

Is the Church,

The hosier--

The Russian dolls.

Sergei Polunin,

Breaking his own bones

For Art. 

Too afraid to love--

To be seen,

By his scars and tattoos--

War wounds from a world

That would rather

Riot over England,

Than watch

The dance.