By Catherine Heath

11 June 2024

You are a viking--

Wild and fierce,


By blood,

And guts

And tears.

We are 

The psychopaths,

Patrolling the corridors

In polyester,

And blue--

Breaking all the 


All in the name

Of healing.


We won’t break the law

(Not like we did


But if we do,

My dad will get us out--

There’s a reason

I’m his favourite daughter.

He wants me discharged,

And I’ll be leaving--

Whether you like it

Or not. 

Fight the hardest 

Play the dirtiest.


it's Game of Thrones baby

We were born to play

He's John Snow 

I'm danerys Targaren

We will win 

Well fuck our own brothers if we have to 

And breathe dragon fire if we have to

To tear the castles down

So the earth can breathe again. 

We are wild 

We are free 

We are Vikings 

We build our longships 

And sail away laughing madly 

As your village burns to the ground


Of women and whores. 

Be a Viking 

Tattooed with plaited hair 

Burn the churches 

Slay the priests 

And run fast 

So the soldiers don't catch you 

Before you kill the bloody king. 

King of the North. 


Viking blood runs through our veins

We are everywhere 

And no where 

Our bodies our buried 

Under your banquet halls 

And our blood 

Is your mead. 

For Simon James Morton

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash