Hellraiser – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

I’m a hellraiser––

We’ll go to hell and back.

Bonnie and Clyde;

With you by my side,

We’ll be happy, 

And also be free––

Just you and me.

We’ve got rid of those banshees––

Sent them straight back to hell,

Where they will never get out,

Locked in eternity,

In their own jealous pit.

(I think that she would welcome it

After all that bloodsucking.)

Lock me up, and throw away the key,

But he’ll still get to me,

And that frightens everyone.

Young and in love,

Old and dead,

Sleeping in bed.

We’re in it together;

Always have been.

Don’t care what anyone says;

We’ll smoke, drink, and laugh––

Our days on this green earth,

Terribly short. 

Why would I spend them with anyone but you?

I love you, through and through. 

Always have, always will.

Credit: Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash