Cain and Abel – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Angry, violent, insane––

What’s not to love?

He who wants to live––

The most.

Survival of the fittest;

Not blossom floating down

From up above,

But righteous fury;

Deadly hatred.

Cain and Abel

Are the jealous brothers,

Locked as rivals.


Not to have

Something out of reach.

Only losers get caught––

And our battles are fraught

With longing.

Do I die without living?

Or get locked in a mental institution,

Die alone in a mansion,

Never having known

What it is to be a friend?

The rain has left a pool of tears,

While you burn with a violent intensity,

Too proud to say I do.

I’m glad you pretended to be normal 

––(They’d never let me marry a madman)––

They care about me too much.

She ran off with a madman!


They said.

Don’t want to think too hard––

You’ll get locked up.

Think in secret;

In letters, 

In poetry,

In song. 

They’ll find out that they were wrong

When they eventually die. 

Honour amongst thieves

(Never tell your parents).

We are the mighty girls,

Fighting to be free,

To fulfil our destiny.

Credit: Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash