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Taking your small business online for the first time (list of free software)
So you want to set up a small business online for the first time. Maybe you normally teach in-person classes like yoga, or you’re a therapist, and you want to conduct sessions remotely. There are many tools available for you to take advantage of...
Developers & Support: Unite to Achieve Customer Success
DEVELOPERS & SUPPORT: UNITE TO ACHIEVE CUSTOMER SUCCESS JUNE 20, 2024 BY  CATHERINE HEATH 5 MIN READ ADD COMMENT Image source: Example customer support knowledge base from graphic design app  Canva A guest post...
Explore Possibilities: Google Workspace: apps, extensions, and more
Learn how to use Google Workspace extensions to boost your small business.
The Technology Ecosystem: United by Knowledge | Away with Words
The Technology Ecosystem: United by Knowledge|Owl June 28 2024 By Catherine Julianne Heath KnowledgeOwl alum The knowledge base ecosystem is a complex beast. It can be hard to navigate as a freelancer with a nifty box of tools, and I'...