Viking Part II

Viking Part II

23 June 2024

By Catherine Julianne Heath

I am a Viking!

I am a phoenix

River phoenix

Drowning in tears.

You are the blossom,

That soaks my blood.

My wounds!

Draining into the soil,

Of soldiers,

Raging in war.

Whittle your longboats!

Sail the raging seas,

Without a sail.

Head for land,

And plunder and pillage.


A million shards of glass.

Stitched back to a Man.




We are the artist women!

Lagatha the Viking--

Raging at all the men, 

When they are too weak,

To beg. 

That begs the question--

Should we smoke? 

She asks. 

Botany is the cursed 


It breaks our backs,

And makes us Cinderella ,

Leaning on her broom. 

Or Taggie,

Cleaning up after the lazy bastard,

Obsessed with his piles of bills. 

He was the marble:

Underneath the


I carved him out--


With an axe.



You must

Bow down to me.

Before we wage war on your pathetic 

Hamlets, villages, and towns.

We own the wilds.

You cannot hide.

You cannot win.

We smoke drink and laugh

In Valhalla. 

Who is Ezra Pound? 

She asks. 

Wandering through the 

Wasteland of London,

Admiring grandeur,

As our souls die. 

I liberated you from the marble, 

To dance the dance

Of death.

La Mort. 

A ballet of the Rite to Spring 

Posh birds 

(Know how to party.)

She is my mother:

She is caught out in her knickers,

Still haughty and proud. 

She is the Ice Maiden!

Haughty and proud,

Cursed by ice

When the North Wind blows, 

I go underground, 

Like John Smith

(Or Jack Sparrow).

Oh, the movies!

How we laugh, and cry

And love--

Then miss our own lives,

As the Stradivarius passes us by--

Too stupid for words!

Men with their swords,

And cutlasses.

We have diamonds

In our hair. 

I am Emily Dickinson!

Penning hatred and misery,

As we all run to war. 

I am not a lady.

I am a pirate!

A viking;

A samurai;

All at once. 

Not racist but cultured,

Pillaging and plundering,

For gold--

And myrrh. 

Image credit: Unsplash

For Gwyneth Paltrow