Goddess – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

She needs me so much,

But she doesn’t want to scare me––

So that’s why 

She pretends she doesn’t care

(What she should know

Is I will always be there.)

There is potential in you,

To evolve,

To change,

To become the goddess

Every woman would like to be.

I don’t know of a cure

For this disease;

We are all born with gifts,

But we need the right chemistry

(Or we are doomed

To despair).

We didn’t have a name for it;

I just knew you were scared.

Something was wrong,

So I just tried to be there.

Relentlessly positive,

When we should cry,


And scream––

Hate the person

That we might have been.

Men shoot each other,

While women slash their wrists,

Or sink pills,

Desperate for truth


To feel something,


Even excruciating pain

Is better than

A living death.

He never judges me.

He lets me cry,



But when I cry too much,

He does something silly

To make me laugh again.

He reminds me so much

Of someone I once knew

(The boy down the road)

My best friend

Who I never knew.

If you see someone hurting,

Don’t try to cheer them up––

Ask them what’s wrong, 

And be with them in pain.

It won’t drown you;

Quite the opposite––

You will both come

Alive with joy. 

She was my spirit sister;

We sat quietly,


With words no longer needed.

She saw my pain,

And we were alive. 

Sometimes we need to leave;

Journey to the bottom of the sea

Where you can’t reach me

(Because that’s the way it must be.)

It’s like the wind,

In the trees––

You can’t feel it

But it’s there,


Relentless positivity

Is a societal lie,

To keep the drones in chains.

We need to take the reins

When we are in pain.

The truth is,

Your soul is on fire with agony

(And that’s the way it should be).

Your are alive,

And you are free. 

Make yourself strong,

And break yourself––

So you can be alone

(But you’re always with me);

A goddess 

Among men.

I did everything wrong––

They didn’t know

You were broken,

And I was trying to fix you.

We are all born into grace,

And we fall,

But if we love,

We will always

Get back there again.

You were alive once,

And you were free––

Whatever you did,


Do it consciously. 

I’m not running;

I’m searching!

And that’s the way

It will always be.

I knew he was the one.

He looked like a psychopath,

His eyes pinned on me,

And for the first time,

I could not look away.

He didn’t need time to heal;

He was already broken

(We were 


By our loss). 

Being needed so much

Is very frightening to me;


We are two halves of one whole.

I’m scared;

This is alchemy,

And I am no wizard––

Just a goddess

On a mission.

It’s my 


He slashed his own skin

In pain––

If there’s one thing I know,

This will not happen


It’s not a shell––

It’s armour,

To protect against those

Who would bleed us dry,

Quite without meaning to.

Love passionately,

Love true.

It will always

Be me,

And you.

I burn bright,

While he smoulders.

Credit: Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash