First Love – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Love at first sight

Appears in a flash;

You don’t know until it’s gone––

Burning intensity 

(Too young to know its name.)

You always look sad;

I want to hug you.

And when we’re apart,

I feel an emptiness.

The date to the prom, 

And a shoulder to cry on.

A partner in crime––

The brush of your arm,

As the parties rage around us.

(They were too much for us).

Love is playful,

Love is laughter, 

Love is kind. 

Flatmates in London,

Office drones,

And party animals.

You could read me like an open book,

With just a look––

We didn’t need any words. 

Your eyes said it all. 

What is love,


A diamond ring, 

Or flowery wedding?

Love is longing.

Love is sad. 

I see it in your eyes,

And to my surprise,

You are my very best friend.

Credit: Photo by Elizabeth Tsung on Unsplash