You Know This Isn't It – December 2014

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Write this down,

A paper note,


Your curiosity.

You know this isn't it––

Days sliding by,

We're urged by hands

Compelled by rhyme,

Though locked in sands

Of time. 

You know this isn't it,

As hollow laughs

Ring out the room

That coughs

With rusty keys

Of strange,

Enchanting melodies.

She sees the range

Of her last days

In cloudy dreams;

Her elegy.

It seems

Her time is running out:

A crime

To waste these chances.

You know this isn't it––

Say it isn't so.

When I last spoke

To you,

Your eyes were dancing,

And the joke was on you.

Abandonment of

Wasted youth––

A final novelty.

You know this isn't it- 

We've roamed,

So far from home

You know this can't be it,


The song is far from done.

We'll climb to heights


Before this life has won. 

Credit: Photo by Jerry Zhang on Unsplash