Posh Boy - May

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Posh Boy

Catherine Heath

May 2020

You were a posh boy––

A gentleman 

Among teenagers 

Fresh from their gap year 

(Mistaking drugs in Peru

For enlightenment). 

You astounded me 

With your wit

And confidence. 

I'd never met a posh boy

Quite like you. 

I coasted through life,

Searching for adventure–– 

But you were on a mission 

To find the perfect wife 

(You showed me your Rolex 

And I didn't know why). 

No one understood,

But I adored you–– 




And kind––

You were perfect, 

Through and through. 

Your intensity frightened me 

After you caught my attention 


Offering to buy me a drink–– 

I was just cruising,

But I would have stopped for you. 

I still think about that Rolex 

(So important to you), 

But your smart shirts 

Hid the soul of a poet

(A good man, too). 

We could have been devastating, 

With your money 

And my charm–– 

But you thought I was a goddess, 

When I was only a girl. 

We could have travelled the world,

Drinking champagne 

And laughing, 

But I'm more of a rough and tumble sort 

(More at home in a dinghy

Than a yacht).

Our heady times, 

I never forgot,

And I pen these rueful rhymes 

In the hope that you remember me too. 

You were a gentlemen,

And I was only girl 

(But I am an artist, too),

And that’s why I wrote this poem about you.