Personal Growth articles

My 54 rules for life that I learned when I reached 29

05/19/2020Catherine Heath
Here's what I've learned in the time that I've been alive. I am a woman but these rules can apply to all people.

Reflections after a manic episode

07/30/2019Catherine Heath
Reflections on feelings of depression and despair immediately after my first manic episode.

My soul is reborn in Hong Kong: reflections on a mental health episode

07/19/2019Catherine Heath
On a recent trip to Hong Kong I unexpectedly ended up in a psychiatric hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown. Read about my experiences in Hong Kong receiving medical care.

Making Friends at 30 in a New Home: Skills I Learned Along the Way

03/24/2019Catherine Heath
Making new friends as an adult when you're nearly 30 – the ups and downs, insights into this new phase of life, and tips for being better at making friends!

"The Winter Blues" – stay on top when the season is against you

12/15/2018Catherine Heath
As a long-time sufferer of SAD, I was prompted to think of this condition as a mood disorder and wonder whether this is true. It's something that seems to get worse with the years, although maybe I'm just more aware of it as I get older.

More enlightened ways to cope with stress for 2019

11/07/2018Catherine Heath
There are many myths surrounding the concept of mental illness and mental health. I discuss the relationship between stress and addictions.