Gin Bottle Blues

A story about a young man called Thom, living in London and increasingly dissatisfied with the life he's chosen for himself. It's written in the style of traditional fanfiction and fictionpress with chapter–by–chapter web publishing, depicting intense personal experience, and including lyrics from songs.

Chapter 6 – Confessions

04/23/2019Catherine Heath
Thom confesses his feelings about Lucy to Harry. The response he gets is not what he expected.

Chapter 5 – Evasions

04/23/2019Catherine Heath
Thom and Charlie receive an unexpected visitor. Thom makes a decision.

Chapter 4 – Revelations

04/23/2019Catherine Heath
Thom and Charlie revisit the past. They drink too much, and the consequences are disastrous.

Chapter 3 – Escape

04/23/2019Catherine Heath
Harry escapes to Bournemouth with his older brother Charlie. They share the details of their lives and forge a new bond with each other.

Chapter 2 – Decisions

11/15/2018Catherine Heath
Thom consoles Lucy, his best friend's ex, and finds it hard to concentrate at work as he struggles with conflicting feelings.

Chapter 1 – Shame

11/14/2018Catherine Heath
Thom gets into a Friday night bar fight with his best friend Harry, which leads to post-alcohol shame and guilt.