Alpha Male – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

You hold us all together,

When we would otherwise

Be blown away by the wind.

You don’t rule with an iron fist,

But sneak into the hearts

Of everyone––

Boys and girls


Alpha males

Have a healing presence;

Healing through art,


Or song. 

You know when something is wrong,

And you reach out

To connect––

Softly, gently,

So you don’t frighten away

Hurt souls.

No matter where you go,

You spread love and joy,

And even though you are a boy,

You hug everyone,

And sing them songs

That make them 

Want to cry. 

People shower you with affection,

So you think everyone is kind.

(You don’t see how humans

Stab each other in the back

When you aren’t looking).

You tell people when they’re wrong

Or bad,

Even if it makes them sad,

Because you know 

It’s the right thing to do.

We always had our time,

Me and you,

Because I was the alpha female,

Caring for women,

And keeping the men in line––

I like my role just fine,

Because I love everyone,

As do you. 

Fun and happy times,

Through and through,

Whenever you are around––

When trouble happens,

You are nowhere to be found,

And so we know

We are all safe 

With you.

Wild painting in the lounge,

Throwing watermelons from the top floor window,

And finding fun places to go.

Sneaking substances into the house,

Cooking me nachos when I was tired,

And making time for everyone.

Playing the accordion,

Your haunting music soaring to the rafters,

As we listen,


To find that angels do exist. 

Whenever you go away,

You are missed,

Alpha male.

Men and women love you,

So you might be nonbinary

(But definitely not gay). 

We miss your fun,

And your laughter––

The way you ask ask us questions,

About our lives

(No one else does that, 

You know). 

You remember everything,

Keeping the past alive in the present––

Drawing comics about me,

Like I was your muse

(Well, you were my brother)

And so we muse for two.

Two people from different lands––

Other worlds,

In the same country––

But still,

We find each other.

In the library shelves of Avenue,

I saw you;

In the parties where we both

Looked down on everyone,

Being fakes––

Sometimes running away,

Is what it takes,

So we are 

Always free;

Free to be you,

And me. 

Alpha male,

I’ll always remember you––

But I’ll call you too,

Because this game we play

Called life

Is not over yet,

And I need you

On my side,

So we can slay 

The demons

Of the night,

And make sure

All the wrongs

Are finally 

Made right.

Credit: Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash