Alpha Female – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

She is an alpha female.

She’s bold;

She’s beautiful;

She’s brave.

Other alpha females

Run to her,

And make alliances––


We have finally found

Our own kind

(As she knows her own mind).

We love women,

And respect men;


To the dazzling beauty of the world,

And the fiery pit

Of hell

That lurks below us. 

No one understands––

Nor why should they––

We are mothers,




Who has one personality

To play all these roles?

And if my personalities fracture––

Who’s fault is that?

Certainly not mine,

Or yours.

But we stumble on,

Searching for beauty,

Searching for love,

Which we won’t find up above––

But in each other,

In the letters we sent,

The photographs;

The happy memories

That are never spent.

We met in the playgrounds,

In the corridors

Of our school,


In polyester uniform. 

People played and capered around,

But we plotted––

Planning to take over the world.

Alpha female,

Awkward girl,

Wondering if we’re right in the head?

(Other people seem so dead

Compared to our fiery aliveness.)

I found more of us

In the business world––



Community Managers.

They are



Radiant women

(Feels like we’ve never been apart).

What are we, really?

Actually friends––

Best friends,

And girlfriends.

Not Sex and the City,

But Harry Potter,

Because we can do magic,

And we save the world

One spell at a time. 

(Dumbledore is dead,

But Hermione always 

Has her books). 

Other people told me what to do,

But I thought only of you,

Alpha female––

How we knew the mind

Was our strongest weapon;

(Our curvy bodies

Just a bonus

When we wanted to have fun).

I knew you were the one,

Because we wrote letters,

Called each other,

Had sleepovers,

And laughed at ourselves. 

That’s how I know what friendship is––

Not these sterile “communities”,

Barely more than a dictatorship

For victims. 

Friendship is secret,

Friendship is true;

No one knows how much I love you––

But I always knew. 

Credit: Photo by Katarzyna Grabowska on Unsplash