Ghosts – July 2018

Catherine Heath

July 2018

Hunting for ghosts––

Not what I expected to find.

The ouija board speaks:

Little girls in dreams

(A phantom,

You said.) 

Mouldering basement;

Discarded magazines

For vintage wives.

The lives we’ve wasted––


Pieces of a puzzle

Scattered over time

And space

Delicately return to place. 

The truth is dazzling––

We wish for it, and rue it too. 

Truth cuts deep and 

Releases pain––

It’s hard to describe––

And yet we always know it. 

You can’t break what’s not broken;

And the seeds we’ve sown

Bursting into flower––

In times of grief,

The loamy soil

Fertilises hatred,

Pain and fear––

So it’s beautiful once more,

And what is it all for?

Voices echo in the darkness––

Who speaks?

Who hides?

Keeping your friends close

Never rang so true.

Credit: Photo by rayul on Unsplash