Like Teen Spirit – May 2020

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Carried by the wind;

Amused by our own sins.

Kisses in alleys,

Just the faintest memory.

The feel of your hand in mine,

Natural as breathing––

I didn’t notice you,

Until it was too late. 

You studied me;

I saw it in your eyes,

The way you always knew 

Exactly what to say––

No matter what,

No matter how much

I cried.

I thought you were always happy

(I think you were happy around me),

The way you talked a million miles an hour,

But in photos,

You were sad.

(The millstone around your neck––

I’m not trying to stop you from flying;

I’m trying to stop you

From floating away).

School uniforms,

Antics in the park;

Angry conversations

Between young lovers––

You created me,

And I created you.

When you love someone,

You make them beautiful;

You have the gift

Of honesty,

And care.

I’ll always remember you,

But I’ll call you too!

Because this journey called life

Is not over yet,

And I want you,


By my side.


And experiments;

(You were intense)

But I didn’t need drugs,

Because I had you.

I probably was a fool,

For not seeing it at the time,

But I had something to do––

And life,

In the end,

Carried me away.

When you snapped at me,

I said nothing

(I knew it was my fault)

But I stuck around,

Because I loved you too.

One final night,

As fun carried me away––

I didn’t recognise the signs

Of someone

Who would love me,


You saw me,

And I saw you

(I know that much 

Is true.)

In the end,

We went away to uni,


As they often say,

Our paths went different ways.

Credit: Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash