Soldier - May 2020

man walking on brown grass field

Catherine Heath

May 2020

Fucking hellfire!

We’re not depressed;

We’re in despair,

For humanity.

We’re rich in spirit,

And that’s the crucial difference

Between us and them––

The happy clowns,

Who think life

Is one endless party.

Why seek religion, 

When the devil is in our own heart?

God won’t cast him out––

Only Satan can do that,


And bold.

If you’re not angry with life,

You’re not living;

You’re running

Straight towards the grave.

Live for today,

We have no idea 

What tomorrow will bring.

Do what terrifies you.



Make people want to put you behind bars.

That’s how you know

You’re still doing something right.

You’re still putting up a good fight,

When everyone else

Has laid down in their grave.

And if I am fucking depressed,

What could be more natural than that?

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash