New Articles

  1. Technology

    This is an essay on my understanding of technology and the role it has played in influencing my life.
  2. Love

    Meditations on love.
  3. Diversity

    An essay reflecting on the idea of cultural diversity.
  4. Essays

  5. Afternoon Tea – June 2020

    This is a poem I wrote for one of my best friends. We've been together since sixth form, going on fun adventures in London, and even squatting in some student halls together! She's pretty fun.
  6. Northern Lights – May 2020

    This is a poem about finding your soulmate, romance, true love, and everything in between.
  7. About

    I'm a creator. I'm a Community Builder. I'm also a content writer for hire.
  8. In My Day – May 2020

    This is a poem about the trends I see characterising people today, from my perspective as someone who came of age in the era of Pokemon and Harry Potter.
  9. Tea and Cake – May 2020

    This is a poem about how you can either drink tea alone with your books and cats, or instead you can have tea and cake with your friends.
  10. Alpha Female – May 2020

    In the same way that men have hierarchies in their groups, with the alpha male being at the top, women also have hierarchies that include the alpha female.