My 54 rules for life that I learned when I reached 29

1. Always wear a watch.

2. If you want help, help someone.

3. Choose the right boardgame.

4. If you think it might rain, carry an umbrella.

5. Remember who your friends are. 

6. Always return a favour. 

7. Never be the strongest person in the room. 

8. Become the person who would attract the right person.

9. Follow the signs.

10. Being someone's friend is the highest compliment.

11. Only take book recommendations from people you admire. 

12. Your first love might not have been your first boyfriend.

13. You can have siblings who aren't related to you. 

14. Always carry water on a journey. 

15. Make the biggest mistakes.

16. Love your mother. 

17. Laughter is a good sign, even if it sounds evil. 

18. Don't listen to anyone who tells you magic isn't possible. 

19. Learn how to wait. 

20. Follow the person you like the most. 

21. Tell the truth but don't be rude. 

22. If in doubt, read Harry Potter. 

23. Know the difference between game master and player. 

24. Do something for someone you love. 

25. If in doubt, talk to the person you love the most. 

26. Conversation is never wasted. 

27. Grieve for the living; they need you more. 

28. It's true that imagination is your most powerful weapon. 

29. Writing is thinking.

30. Always value thinking over everything else. 

31. Always listen to your mother. 

32. Everyone has a gift. Give it to people. 

33. Always wear the right shoes for the occasion. 

34. 31 is the new 30. 

35. We create each other. 

36. Magic is real. 

37. Be everyone's best friend.

38. Always carry a notebook. 

39. Don't let anyone in your bedroom who you don't trust. 

40. Always let your children decorate their own room. 

41. Get a boyfriend who lets you cut their hair. 

42. Love women, and respect men. 

43. Read tabloids, not broadsheets. 

44. Argue, but don't cry at the same time. 

45. Look for role models. 

46. It's never too late to thank someone. 

47. Friends are the family you choose. 

48. Don't date your friends. 

49. When going in someone's house, take your shoes off. 

50. Listen to your mum.

51. There are some things your mother doesn't know.

52. Judge a book by its cover. 

53. Things aren't always as they seem.

54. Always give respect; don't make people earn it. 

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash