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  1. "The Winter Blues" – stay on top when the season is against you

    As a long-time sufferer of SAD, I was prompted to think of this condition as a mood disorder and wonder whether this is true. It's something that seems to get worse with the years, although maybe I'm just more aware of it as I get older.
  2. KnowledgeOwl Trip to Prague

  3. My soul is reborn in Hong Kong: reflections on a mental health episode

    On a recent trip to Hong Kong I unexpectedly ended up in a psychiatric hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown. Read about my experiences in Hong Kong receiving medical care.
  4. My Reading List

    I read – A LOT. I record the books I'm reading here with a summary and analysis of what I think of them as a recommendation to others.
  5. My friends

    My sister Lizzie Heath is an illustrator and manga artist. Check out her Etsy shop House of Hei selling cute prints and notebooks! She has many products now with a skateboarding theme.  My friend Toby Marshall is an illustrator . His...
  6. The Sane Society [1955] – Eric Fromm

    The Sane Society deals with the concept of mental health, and it reverses the idea that mental illness is the problem of specific individuals failing to adapt to society.
  7. Work with me

    I'm a community advisor for creative and ethical companies. I offer freelancing services like blogging, documentation and copywriting.
  8. Comics & Illustration

    Webcomics and illustrations I have created, usually making social commentary but now moving more into expressing my personal experiences.
  9. A Fashionable Eye

    A Fashionable Eye – Catherine Heath
  10. Career Ladder

    Career Ladder – by Catherine Heath