New Articles

  1. Chapter 6 – Confessions

    Thom confesses his feelings about Lucy to Harry. The response he gets is not what he expected.
  2. Chapter 5 – Evasions

    Thom and Charlie receive an unexpected visitor. Thom makes a decision.
  3. Chapter 4 – Revelations

    Thom and Charlie revisit the past. They drink too much, and the consequences are disastrous.
  4. Making Friends at 30 in a New Home: Skills I Learned Along the Way

    Making new friends as an adult when you're nearly 30 – the ups and downs, insights into this new phase of life, and tips for being better at making friends!
  5. Canada illustration

    Canada bear illustration ...
  6. Chinese New Year Lucky Cat

    Chinese New Year Lucky Cat ...
  7. Keeping an illustrated journal on my trip to Kraków, Poland

    A holiday is an opportunity to get away from it all, get rid of stress, and tap into your creative side.
  8. "The Winter Blues" – stay on top when the season is against you

    As a long-time sufferer of SAD, I was prompted to think of this condition as a mood disorder and wonder whether this is true. It's something that seems to get worse with the years, although maybe I'm just more aware of it as I get older.
  9. Learning knitting as a creative practice

    I particularly like creative activities that are accessible. That means they don't require a lot of money or space to get going. Knitting is one of those activities – and it's not just for old ladies.
  10. Chapter 2 – Decisions

    Thom consoles Lucy, his best friend's ex, and finds it hard to concentrate at work as he struggles with conflicting feelings.