New Articles

  1. Reflections after a manic episode

    Reflections on feelings of depression and despair immediately after my first manic episode.
  2. Harry at university

    Harry is a character from Gin Bottle Blues and he also makes a reappearance in a new story I'm working on called Cigarettes and Saints.
  3. Narcissus

    A poem about heartbreak, and how love can make you do things that you later look back on in astonishment and bitterness.
  4. Memories of Youth

    A poem about love and fear.
  5. Marbled

    This poem is about my recent experiences with the mental health services, and the search we all have for meaning and beauty.
  6. Demon Haunters

    A poem about redemption, and the demon inside us all. I chose this image of Venom because it represents the demon we battle with inside us, but that also feels foreign to us.
  7. Keeping an illustrated journal on my trip to Toronto, Canada

    An illustrated journal and photography of my trip to Canada in February 2019 with my boyfriend Simon.
  8. Character and Neurosis [1994] – Claudio Naranjo, M.D.

    The non-fiction book about the integrations between psychology and the Enneagram and Claudio Naranjo is one of the best books I've ever read. It relates each Enneagram type to a specific mental disorder and Naranjo's descriptions of the 'character' of each type is uncanny.
  9. My soul is reborn in Hong Kong: reflections on a mental health episode

    On a recent trip to Hong Kong I unexpectedly ended up in a psychiatric hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown. Read about my experiences in Hong Kong receiving medical care.
  10. Chapter 3 – Escape

    Harry escapes to Bournemouth with his older brother Charlie. They share the details of their lives and forge a new bond with each other.