I'm an artist-in-training. I'm a community builder. I'm also a content writer for hire. 

Content writing business

I'm a freelance business founder and passionate about freedom in work. 

I've been growing my content business Away with Words for three years now, ever since I quit my job in a London university. In a long process of trial and error, I've been discovering what I value most along the way. 


My adopted home is Manchester, England. I'm part of the flourishing creative and technology communities here. They say Manchester is like a village, because everyone knows each other. 


I contribute to open source documentation through PlaceCal, a Community Technology Partnership that empowers people on a local level. 


I have been a community builder for KnowledgeOwl for two years now. I work with an incredible team to provide outstanding customer service and knowledge base software. 

Write the Docs

I attend Write the Docs conferences in Europe and the US. I run the Write the Docs North meetup group along with Deborah Barnard

We host workshops relating to documentation and technical topics, including 'Contribute to open source documentation' and 'Documentation in Agile'. Our aim is to foster and grow the Write the Docs community in the north of England. 

Open Source Documentation workshop during National Coding WeekWrite the Docs North social at The Molly House, Manchester

Documentation in Agile workshop, Manchester

Delivering an open source documentation workshop

Manchester meetups

I founded the fledgling Manchester MBTI enthusiasts meetup group. I regularly go to the Ethics & Tech reading group, which is a monthly group where fellow book nerds meet in a pub to discuss highbrow academic books to do with ethics and technology. Field trip to Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Ethics & Tech reading group at Wetherspoons, Manchester

I'm always coming up with new ideas for what I could do next. Think you might like to work with me? Drop me a message at catherine [@] awaywithwords.co